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A Truly Intelligent Home - Elliot Springs Display Home Electrical Features

Home Automation | Security | LED Lighting | Mood | Luxury

29 May 2019

What makes a home 'intelligent'?

Is it gadgets on display for all to see, or is it a combination of clever, hidden additions that make your home easier, safer and more enjoyable to live in? 

We think the latter - and that's why we worked together with Townsville-based DAV Electrical to build our highly-intelligent yet refined Family 310 Display Home at Elliot Springs.

A truly intelligent home is one that can be programmed to suit your lifestyle, while understanding that your needs may change.

The Family 310 Elliot Springs Display Home is one of a kind, showcasing a wide variety of high-end electrical products.

Electrically designed by the team at DAV Electrical to not only ‘wow the crowd’ on arrival and throughout the entire home, but to ensure it creates a safe and enjoyable living environment when a family moves in.

inside the home


home automation

Nero home automation system by ClipsalThe home has a home automation system integrated known as ‘NERO,’ which is an affordable, scalable, retrofittable and wireless automation solution that allows you to build a dream smart home, one switch at a time.  

The product is distributed by a well-known organisation, Clipsal by Schneider Electric. ‘NERO’ offers customers a hands-on experience with home automation by allowing basic lighting control via smartphone, tablet, and voice.

Google Home has been used in the Elliot Springs Display to trigger the ‘NERO’ actions. This voice feature is fantastic in terms of accessibility, as a client who may not be confidently mobile can simply trigger a lighting group to come on. A simple “Hey Google, turn on the kitchen lights,” and almost instantaneously the lights come on.  

A great feature of the product offers in-app customisation which allows the user to set a radius on the home that once the resident has entered or exited, triggers an arrival scene or departure scene. These scenes may turn lights on or off, dependant on the settings.




The Elliot Springs Display makes use of the top-quality fixtures on the market sourced from M-Elec and it’s the finer details that speak for themselves. 

Elliot Springs Display Home kitchen

LED task lighting has been installed in both kitchens, above and below benches, also in the pantry

Master Bedroom at the MLH Elliot Springs Display Home with curved feature bulkhead and built-in LEDs

The master bedroom curved bulkhead with built-in feature LEDs

The illuminated glass panel in the front hall

Feature wall lighting that greets you on entry

Walk in Robe at the Martin Locke Homes Elliot Springs Display Home

The walk-in robe also showcases LEDs in the hanging rails, setting the benchmark of class.

The hallway offers wall lights built into power points which can be triggered by sensors or a ‘daylight sensor’


outside the home



The external feature lighting on the build has been designed to complement the picturesque, natural surroundings.

On arrival a wide driveway is illuminated almost like a runway by in-slab LEDs, giving it a sophisticated feel. The feature water-jet cut privacy screens by Freeform Sheet Metal at the front entrance are complemented by up lighting in the garden bed, showcasing the details of the panel.

Downlights have been positioned in a manner that complement the textured tiles on the front of the display, while LED up-down lights have been placed across the other front areas to blend light and add to the sophisticated look.



Downlights complement the whitewash alfresco ceiling and help add to the luxury indoor feel in an outdoor room.

The fire pit at the rear of the property can really set the tone for entertaining. Accompanied by the warm white LED lighting shining onto the garden foliage, the under-bench LED lighting offers full customisation by remote control, offering many different colours and modes.



The smart home is protected by two main sources of security. All entrances to the home are under constant surveillance by the Panacom system. This system not only offers 24/7 surveillance but also an intercom setup that allows the user to see who is at the front gate and unlatch the gate if necessary.

The home is also protected by a 16-zone security system. This product is very simple to use with two touchscreen keypads in the residence. Being a multigenerational home, these 16 zones have been split in two so that one side of the house can be armed whilst the occupied living space remains unarmed.

The security system has also been paired with a 3G dialler. This allows the security system to dial a programmed phone in the event of an ‘alarm.’ The dialler also allows the homeowner to dial into the system to arm or disarm.



about dav electrical

DAV Electrical is a local Townsville family business headed by experienced electrician Dave Matthews with son Blake looking to continue the family electrical legacy.

Call: 0418 753 632

Dave hard at work during construction

Blake happy with the results of the install

open for inspection

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