Project Profiles

Along with our range of accessible new-home designs and commitment to incorporating accessible features into every home we build, Martin Locke Homes is proud to be a leader in building premium accessible homes for those with specific needs.

We have formed a strong partnership with Cootharinga North Queensland whose purpose is to assist anyone who is having difficulty achieving the life they want due to any impairment, whether permanent or temporary.

From the first project Martin undertook with Cootharinga while building under the name of Ramlock Homes in 2009, through to the constructions underway with Martin Locke Homes today, it’s been a relationship which has grown stronger with time. So too, the projects have come of age.

New state-of-the-art features like ceiling hoist systems and remote controlled doors have added an extra edge of accessibility to this evolving segment of the building industry.

Martin Locke Homes is proud to be part of the evolution and we will continue to grow and adapt to ensure the best in accessible housing is available to those who need it most.