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Adrian & Trudie

Why did you decide to build a new home?

We have lived in a number of different homes over the last decade. From starting out in a small townhouse, to living in a beach house and then, most recently, an older 2-3 bedroom cottage.

In terms of why we decided to build a new house, it would be a heavy emphasis on the word "new". We spent considerable time, effort and money on our last house that was always requiring work to upkeep. The opportunity to design a forever home that suited our family's needs and style was also a major draw card. 

How did you come to the decision to choose Martin Locke Homes as your builder?

There were many factors that we took into consideration when choosing Martin Locke Homes as our builder. Initially, MLH built a family member's house and we were constantly reminded of the quality of finishes every time we stepped in the door.

Then when we started our home building journey, we appreciated the personal touch of the MLH team through the initial consultation process that flowed into the design process. At that point we were sold.

Martin and the team's communication was first rate, they took the time to understand what we wanted and designed and delivered a house that was unique to us.

How do you think your new home will impact your everyday lives?

We have immediately enjoyed the benefits of having designed a house that complements our lifestyle.

From having a large, accessible kitchen where we cook up a storm to having a spacious study to minimise time at the office, the new home has positively impacted our lives.

What have you found the most enjoyable about building with MLH?

The ability to call or email at any time to discuss any aspect of the design or build process. We were able to get a home with the finishes we wanted and nothing was too much trouble. We know this isn't the case, however, we felt like we were the only house being built at the time. That's how personable the MLH team was.

Another positive was the use of CoConstruct. A great tool that shows everything that's going on. We were always kept up to date.

What are your favourite design features (or rooms) of your new home and why?

We have a number of coexisting design features that we're in love with.

Our garage opens into our mudroom (to drop off our gear), that flows into our pantry (to drop off our groceries) before opening up into our kitchen and main living area. It allows us to keep the central part of our house clean and tidy .... when sometimes behind the scenes, it isn't.

From 1 - 10 (10 being highest) how happy are you with the final result?

Definitely a 10. We are very happy with how everything turned out.

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