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Amy & Chris

Chris and Amy were looking for more space and to build a dream home that would suit their lifestyle. For them a Martin Locke Home at Eden Park was the perfect combo. 

Q: How did you come to the decision to choose Martin Locke Homes as your builder?

A:  We met with several builders who came up with some concepts. However, we found these did not meet our needs and we did not want to buy off the plan.

We visited the (Martin Locke Homes) Elliot Springs and Harris Crossing displays and absolutely loved them.

We loved the personalised touch through MLH. Being able to sit down with Martin, to discuss what MLH has to offer as well as gathering information about the process we would take was amazing.

We immediately felt comfortable to trust Martin and the team to design our forever home.   

Q: How do you think your new home will impact your everyday lives?

A: The home we now have complements our lifestyle!

We have a large open family area that looks out to the patio meaning, even when outside, our dogs are still close by.

Our teenage daughter has her own space in the ‘kids’ wing and an oversized garage has plenty of space for our two cars and motorbike.

Additionally, we asked for storage, and that is what we got (Chris is still searching for the kitchen utensils… lol)!

Q: What did you find most enjoyable about building with MLH?

A: It was a very smooth process and communication with the team was amazing.

Through the design process, Martin and his team took the time to listen to our ideas, clarify our needs and made suggestions that we absolutely loved. No idea was overlooked!

The co-construct app was also fantastic. It allowed us to keep in contact with the team with weekly updates, remind ourselves and share our design decisions with family and friends and access progress photos throughout the build.

We really loved how Martin took the time to get to know us and what we wanted so that he could include designs that we had not considered but absolutely loved, such as changing the laundry and pantry from two separate rooms with separate entries to a free flowing space from pantry to laundry.

Additionally, suggesting to include a half wall to the patio so that we have the opportunity to build an outdoor kitchen.

Q: What are your favourite design features (or rooms) in your new home and why?  

A: We love the way the kids' rumpus and family space opens to the patio where the dogs can always be close by.

The garage enters to the walk in pantry for easily dropping groceries and then through to the large laundry.

The front porch where Chris loves to sit with his morning coffee and admire his front garden.

The high ceilings are so much cooler and make the space feel so large and spacious.

The large hallways and doors allows for great airflow through the house to keep it cooler in the warm weather.

Q: From 1 - 10 (10 being highest) how happy are you with the final result? 

A: Absolutely a 10! It is everything we dreamed of and then even more.

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