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Beau & Taylor

First home buyers Beau and Taylor now have a beautiful, new home to call their own after securing the first ever Martin Locke Homes spec home at Elliot Springs.

They say it has everything they wanted in a first home and more, and recommend other first home buyers to do their research and consider reaching out to the Martin Locke Homes team. 

What does securing your first home meant to you both?

I suppose it’s the next step in our lives together and a symbol of success for the both of us after a really hard year last year. We have worked really hard to get where we are and we’re very proud to have our first home here behind us.

Was it always your aim to buy a newly-built home?

We were considering either newly-built or a ready-established home but then we saw this home was on the market and as soon as we walked through the door we were like – this is our house. I (Taylor) stood a foot in the front door and I thought ‘this is our home, I’m so excited this is our home’ and thankfully it has worked out for us.

What was it about the house that makes you feel at home?

Taylor: I think it was the open plan living design and the finishing for me. The vinyl plank floor, the kitchen, the bathroom, everything about it just had that element of luxury but in a simple form, so it’s not over the top, it’s not in your face, you walk in and you think this is so homely but so beautiful at the same time.

We were happy to do whatever we could to secure the property because it had everything we were looking for and we were very happy with how we were treated during the process too.

The MLH team was lovely, it is a very down-to-earth, family sort of environment so they were really helpful with explaining the process and all of the inclusions that we were getting with this home.

Beau: I definitely liked it straight away, the fact if was fully landscaped was great too, I like having a nice lawn but its also at a manageable size so not too hard to maintain. I like the Elliot Springs area too, I like being out away from the city but still not too far to impact your daily lifestyle.

Why did you choose Elliot Springs?

Beau: I work in the Army so we were interested in this area from the beginning however we wanted to do our research and have a good look around at our options. In the end this home came up and we're very pleased with the location. We also have four or five groups of friends who have just recently relocated or are looking to move here to Elliot Springs, so we’re joining a growing trend it seems.

Taylor: We fell in love with the types of homes out here right from the start – we were just really new to it, we had no clue what to look for or what to do, then when we visited the MLH display home and spoke with Nat she was very helpful, she was amazing.

Have you learned a lot from the process of purchasing this home?

Beau: Definitely. We were ducks out of water before this, we didn’t know what to do at all.

We’ve never done anything remotely close to this in our lives, never spoken to as many people about so many different things and managing dates and deadlines etc., we have definitely learned a lot throughout this process.

Taylor: It was a crash course in learning how to adult. But the MLH team was really helpful. 

Even just the communication that we had with them and the meeting we had with Martin himself explaining all the inclusions we were getting with the house and what we should look for, not look for and what to be really particular about really helped us.

If we were in the shoes of still looking for a home, that meeting alone would have helped us completely.

Would you recommend other first home buyers build with MLH?

Definitely. We already have. Our friends want to build in Elliot Springs and we straight away just turned around and said go to Martin Locke Homes. Their finishing and their homes are absolutely incredible and they are so helpful and genuine. 

How will your new home impact your lives?

It's a big change in the fact that we're finally paying off our own home rather than someone else's.

Day-to-day our lives won't change immensely, but long term it's really exciting to have somewhere that is ours, we get to come home to it and make it our own and that's massive.

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