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Bill & Alison

For a number of years Bill & Alison had been thinking about relocating from their rural property to be closer to the Townsville CBD.

Their Railway Estate property had been in Alison's family for more than 40 years so it was a big decision to choose a builder that could make their dream home come to life. 

They found Martin Locke Homes and knew the team would deliver.

Bill & Alison with Martin on site prior to the monsoon event and flooding

monster monsoon hits the region

What they didn't count on was a record monsoon striking Townsville during construction and flooding their block and the building site. 

However, the home was designed and built to the Q100 flood level and withstood the deluge and flooding.

Construction was back on track as soon as possible after the flood water cleared.

client testimonial 


1. How do you feel now that you’re in your brand new home, is it everything that you wanted?

Oh absolutely everything that we wanted, the whole experience has been really, really good. We had some small details to smooth over at the end and the MLH team was always available, responsive and looking for the ultimate result for us, so everything is just perfect.

2. Why did you decide to build this house?

It is something that we’ve wanted for a while now, we were after a change. We had lived on acreage which was a lot of work to maintain. So coming to a low-maintenance home, built just for us is a dream.

This property has been in the family for 40 years, so it’s really nice to be here in a brand new home, it’s beautiful, it’s outstanding.


3. How did you come up with the design for your new home?

Martin and the team helped us design this home from scratch. We took some inspiration from Martin’s (Isaac 303) Harris Crossing Display Home initially and then Martin and the MLH design team helped us shape the house to what we wanted and also to suit the block.

We loved the zoned living from the Isaac 303 Display Home design, it’s a great concept having a retreat area for the kids and their friends or for visitors to come and stay.

4. What are your favourite features of the home?

Alison: I think definitely the kitchen for me and probably our bedroom.

Bill: I love the ensuite and the whole entertaining area with the pool and the enclosed covered area.

5. How do you feel moving in to a home that withstood that record flood level experienced in February?

Alison: I think we feel safe knowing that we’ve built to the right conditions. 

We thought the regulations were over the top to insist on such a high-set house because we’d never seen it flood here to that level, even with the property being in the family for so long – nobody had.

A few people have asked us how do we feel moving into a storm surge zone, so I think we’re going to be very safe and we’re happy to have been able to see it go through that and come out unscathed.

6. How do you think your new home will impact your lives? 

Alison: It’s going to give us a lot more time, being a brand new home and low maintenance I think we’re going to have a lot more time to enjoy life a lot more and being comfortable as well, in a home that’s been built just for our lifestyle.

Our kids are getting older now, our youngest is eighteen so we’ll be living here on our own but with plenty of room for them to visit. We’ve got one grand child and we’re sure there will be more on the way …. we hope….so the whole family can enjoy this home for many years to come.

7. Would you recommend MLH to others and why?

Bill: We would recommend Martin Locke Homes to anyone looking to build a home.

The quality is second to none and it’s just so beautifully finished. Martin and the team are so pedantic about everything and they also come up with great ideas – even on the run. Our little drop zone nook wasn’t on the original plans – that was Col’s (MLH Construction Manager) idea and Martin came up with quite a few ideas during the build too.

And the final result is everything that we'd hoped for and more.

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