What is a Premium Project?

A Premium Project is a project which, due to its complexity in design, size and location, requires a larger ‘Team’ involvement. As well as the architect/designer, owner and builder having input right at the start, there are many other professionals required at the preliminary stage of design to ensure everything is considered.

As well as structural engineers and interior designers, there may also be a need to work with Council and Town Planners should the site require it. The builder/client relationship takes on a whole new level in a Premium Project as does Martin’s personal involvement. He is with the client every step of the way, which is why Martin will only take on one of these projects at a time. 

Paul and Jo’s home (read their case study) was a great example of how and why this approach is needed for such a home. All of the above professionals were required to assist with the design, but were also necessary to assist in correctly pricing the project, which Martin personally co-ordinated and finalised.

A Premium Project requires a dedicated, on-site, full-time foreman who is also involved from the start, to ensure both a full understanding of the project, and to also make sure every single trade who comes to site has an appreciation of what we are trying to achieve as a Team.

Once construction starts, owners are welcome and encouraged to be involved on a daily basis if they wish, but also have the comfort of knowing a full professional team is fully focused on delivering their dream home/project.

For more information on the Premium Project build, please call Martin direct to make a time to meet and discuss further.