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Nolan's Home


Nolan Rooms and his family have received the keys to their new, fully accessible Martin Locke Home which they say has changed their lives and built an independent future for Nolan who is living with cerebral palsy.

The overwhelming generosity of a group of over 60 Townsville construction trades and businesses helped Martin Locke Homes (MLH) raise in excess of $150,000 to build the home affectionately called ‘Nolan’s Home’.

Together with MLH, which contributed $50,000 towards the build, the businesses donated labour, products, expertise and funds showing generosity that has humbled Builder Martin Locke.

“This home is literally life-changing for Nolan and his family and the willingness of so many local businesses to unite and make a difference for someone else at a time when many are struggling themselves, I believe demonstrates the true strength of the Townsville Construction Industry which MLH is proud to be a part of,” Director Martin Locke said.

“Initially we set out to raise $100,000 to make Nolan’s Home a reality for the Rooms family and we thought that was overly ambitious.

“But the response by our ‘family’ of trades and suppliers has been so overwhelming that we have raised enough to not only build Nolan’s Home, but to ensure it is truly a forever home that caters for his needs as he grows.

“We have been able to install a ceiling hoist system, a fully-accessible, heated therapy pool, accessible pathways around the home and we are also able to provide some surplus funds to our Landscaper to go towards irrigation and turf after handover.”


Thanks to the amazing generosity of all involved, we have been able to work with Tru Blu Pools & Spas to build a fully-accessible therapy pool which we believe will be the first of its kind in Townsville.

The Pool will enable Nolan and other children who the family will invite to utilise the treatment pool - to undertake vital treatment.

It has been designed in collaboration with Nolan's therapist Maria and his family to ensure it is suitable for the types of therapy required.

Thank you to Matt and the team at Tru Blu Pools & Spas for you expert assistance with this project so far. We cannot wait to see the


Mark from Taubmans and our Painter Mick Dempsey from Demoss Painting have contributed significantly to Nolan's Home.

The painting is now complete!


Massive thank you goes to Radjaz Concreting, Lyndons and Hanson for their contributions to the driveway and pathways at Nolan's Home.

Being able to enter and move around outside the home is critical to Nolan and his family's lifestyle.

Darren from DK Excavations was once again on site helping with land clearing in preparation for the new fence by Townsville Fencing Around Town and pathways around Nolan's Home.


Liam and the team from Pritchard Tiling have been busy at Nolan's Home completing the tiled areas including the specially-designed bathroom which will cater for Nolan and the family's needs for many years to come.

Liam is another of our trade partners who has provided his services at a discounted price for this amazing team project.

Thanks also to Townsville Waterproofing for their vital contribution to the construction as well as Bayset which is assisting with tiling and waterproofing supplies.

Once again, a magnificent team effort.

Concept Tiles & Surfaces Townsville donated every single tile that will be used in Nolan's Home!

It's just wonderful to see such a contribution from a business in our community.


From a stack of plasterboard to changing Nolan's Home from a construction site into something that now looks more like a home.

Thanks to Wall2Wall Interior Lining for their expert job and their amazing support.



Bradnams Windows and Doors have installed the glazing and doesn't it make a difference to the exterior appearance of the home.

The MLH Signature rebated sliding door the alfresco will ensure that Nolan can easily move from inside to outside the home without an obstacle. 

MLH Carpentry crew - Framing

Brayden and our Carpentry Crew have been working hard inside Nolan's Home to finish off the internal framing.

And outside applying finishing touches to the eaves.

Rendering and painting

Thanks Dean and the team at Dean Stronach Texture Coating for their impressive render job on Nolan's Home.

Then came Mick from Demoss Painting Services with the assistance of Taubmans.

All of these Martin Locke Homes trades and suppliers not only do a magnificent job but have discounted their products and services to help us make Nolan's Home a reality.

Joinery Sign-off

Kelly and the team at Moduline have done wonderful job working together with MLH and the Rooms family to design the cabinetry to accommodate all of the family's functional needs, including accessibility for Nolan now and as he grows.

We thank Moduline and Townsville Stone for their support of this project.

roof on!

The boys from Guucci Roofing had to work through some wet weather but they did a wonderful job in completing the guttering and roofing for Nolan's Home.

Having the roof on is a major milestone during a build and a critical element of the home's structural integrity.

Thanks to Mal and the team at Guucci Roofing for their professional job as always, and for their support of this project.

family PHOTOS

The Rooms family has been keeping a close watch on the progress of their new home.

All three brothers are delighted each time they visit, as they imagine their new life together in the home.

The family even shared their first meal in their soon-to-be home but did have to bring along their own furniture.

While MLH and our Trades and Suppliers have been working hard to build Nolan's Home, he has also been working extremely hard during his latest round of intensive physical therapy. 

The hardest little worker around - he's made some amazing progress with visiting therapist Maria MSarmento Madureira.

Here he is standing up to wash his own hands and practicing sitting up straight.

Maria even visited the construction site to view what will become the new therapy room, which the Rooms family will open up to others like Nolan to undergo their therapy.

We absolutely cannot wait to see that room being used for something so important to the futures of Nolan and his friends.

Blocks go up

Thank you to Rangewood Bricklaying Services and Adbri Masonry

Message From the Rooms Family

"Look how excited we all get every time we go to our block of land to take a look at the progress.

Caiden and Nolan want to dance through every single room of the house and Sammy explores and squeals with delight.

We asked our boys yesterday whether they like it there and they said that they LOVE it. That made our hearts melt even more.

This will e our forever home in which the boys will grow up and we parents will grow old in."

You can follow Nolan's Journey to Walk on facebook for more family updates.

slab day

22nd September 2017

Thank you to BRS Concreting, Top Gear Concrete Pumping, Hanson and Edmonds Landscaping Supplies!!

Construction is officially underway on Nolan's Home.

Franzmann Plumbing has completed the drainage on site.

BRS Concreting will work together with Hanson and Top Gear Concrete Pumping to pour the slab next week.

To mark the important occasion Martin Locke homes invited all of the generous trades and suppliers who have so generously helped with the project on site to meet Nolan.

Together they have raised or saved over $150,000 towards building ‘Nolan’s Home’.

“We cannot thank our amazing trade and supply partners enough, without them we would not be breaking ground on this amazing project,” Managing Director Martin Locke said.

“It’s inspirational to see such genuine generosity in times when local businesses are doing it tough themselves.

“Martin Locke Homes is proud to be part of the North Queensland Building Industry which has so much to offer our community and I’m thrilled to announce that because of the immense support we will be able to also include a heated therapy pool for Nolan.

“Building this home will be an emotional journey for our team and all involved, and we cannot wait to see Nolan’s famous smile when we hand over the keys.”

Nolan Rooms was born before his time at just 26 weeks gestation, when infection took hold of his tiny body he suffered significant brain tissue loss and is now living with Cerebral Palsy.

Now five years old and about to start school, Nolan’s need and desire for independence is behind his Mother Nicole and Father Christian’s dream for a fully accessible home.

Their existing house restricted Nolan to one room and he couldn’t even access his beloved brothers’ bedrooms let alone shower safely or go to the bathroom.

It was financially impractical to renovate and despite every effort the Rooms had fallen just short of securing a large enough loan to build a home that would allow Nolan to interact in family activities the same way his little brothers Sammy and Caiden can. Then they found Martin Locke Homes.

“Our family has been overwhelmed by the support the wonderful team at Martin Locke Homes and countless other businesses have offered us,” said Nolan’s Mum Nicole.

“This home will literally change Nolan’s life and how we are able to interact as a family. Even something as simple as Nolan being able to reach a tap to wash his own hands is huge for him.

“Without independence Nolan will not progress physically and emotionally as he grows into a man. It is so humbling to know that so many wonderful Townsville people have helped change Nolan’s Future.

“We will do all we can to ‘pay if forward’ and help others wherever we can. Our hearts are full of thanks for those involved and we will cherish this forever home, forever.”

The Rooms fundraise to bring a therapist to Townsville twice each year if possible to provide treatment not available in North Queensland. Their new home will include a large therapy room which will be opened up for other children to use and now with a heated, therapy pool, Nolan and all the children will have access to a greater range of therapies.Follow #NolansHome story on the Martin Locke Homes facebook page @martinlockehomestownsville

The Townsville Bulletin ran a story on Nolan's Home!

August 2017

Nolan's smile was contagious as Christian, Nicole and Nolan met with Martin at their block to visualise their 'impossible dream' home that will now become a reality.

It has been made possible with the help of Martin Locke Homes and our community of generous trade and supply partners who have cut prices, donated labour and offered supplies and even cash to raise/save more than $100,000 off the build cost to make the impossible possible.

The Martin Locke Homes construction sign is in place thanks to Digital Central and Darren from DK Excavations has been working today to clear, level and ready the block for construction.

Roanne from Nine News North Queensland met Nolan and helped spread the word about our wonderful project.


Anne Sanker

After such an amazing response from so many local businesses, Christian and Nicole have been able to spend some time with Anne Sanker from The Coloured House.

Anne has donated her time and expertise to help ensure Nolan's Home will be as beautiful as it is functional.

Nolan's story

Nolan's Home

Nolan Rooms was born before his time.

At just 26 weeks gestation he weighed less than a kilogram and when infection attacked his tiny body he almost lost his life.

With his parents Christian and Nicole by his side, he pulled through but unfortunately suffered irreversible damage to his brain which has left him with Cerebral Palsy.

Now five years old and about to start school, the importance of fostering independence and confidence for Nolan is greater than ever.

His parents' dream for an accessible home that allows Nolan to move around and be included in all family activities is soon to become a reality through the support of Martin Locke Homes and our amazing family of professional trades and suppliers.

A team effort

Martin Locke Homes could not have done this without the amazing support of our trade and supply partners who are generously donating their time, materials and expertise to help us make Nolan's Home a reality.

Together we raised and saved over $100,000 in under a week towards Nolan's Home, in a wonderful demonstration of the compassion and strength of our local building industry.

Each of them have helped in their own way, with even more local businesses still to confirm their involvement that total is bound to continue to grow.

Thank you to...

Digital Central: Construction signage

Schlage door hardware

   Lyndons Steel supply

Construction Sciences: Soil Test and $5000 donation

Engineering -

Energy Check: Energy Rating Certificate

    Development Certification: Building Certification Services

Flick Anticimex Townsville: Termite Barrier    

Guucii Roofing

 AA Clothesline Services: Clothesline

  The Coloured House: Colour Consultancy

Townsville Stone: Stone

Stegbar: Robe & Linen Doors

   Moduline Townsville: Joinery

Laminex: Laminex Joinery supplies

  Easylift: Garage Door
Townsville Fencing Around Town

 Flooring Xtra: Vinyl Flooring

ACD Trade: Air conditioners

 A.L.B. Distributers: Fans

Cleveland Trade Centre: Timber supplies

Reece Plumbing Townsville


Plumbing with Mr Cooper   Stormwater

Samios Plumbing Supplies  Pipe supplies for Stormwater

Jim's Mowing: Phil Tozer provided trenching for Stormwater

Jim's Antennas: Data and home automation

  NQ Powerup Electrical: Electrical Services

Haymans Electrical: Lights


Prysmian Australia

  Hanson: Concrete for slab, block-fill, driveways & paths

Adbri Masonry: Blocks

Concept Tiles and Surfaces: Tile supply

Pritchard Tiling: Tiling Labour

Bayset: Waterproofing Supplies

Harvey Norman Commercial: Appliances

Carl's Fencing: Fencing

Top Gear Concrete Pumping: Slab Concrete Pump

Think Mobility

Plant-Em Quality Lawn and Irrigation: Landscaping Services

  Taubmans: Paint

Bradnams Windows and Doors

CSR Bradford: Insulation & Hot Water

Rangewood Bricklaying Services

DK Excavations: Land clearing 0422 314 349 

  Olemrac Ovens and Masonry: Letterbox

Grimseys Hardware

Tru Blu Pools & Spas

Franzmann Plumbing

Edmonds Landscaping Supplies

Demoss Painting Services:

Townsville Waterproofing: Waterproofing services [email protected]

Wall2Wall Interior Lining: Plastering  [email protected]

Dean Stronach Texture Coating - Rendering

BRS Concreting: Concrete Slab [email protected]

Poole Earthworks: Pre-slab earthworks

Radjaz Concreting

S&G Concrete Pumping: Bond beam concrete pump

Weiske’s Crane Hire PTY LTD


Martin Locke Homes will be keeping you up to date with how the build is progressing and highlighting our trades and suppliers' contributions along the way.

For more information or if you believe you or your company can help with 'Nolan's Home' please contact Martin Locke: [email protected]

We are so excited and proud to be part of our amazing Townsville Building Industry!!!