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Carol's forever after home

Carol sadly lost her husband and her grown children had homes and families of their own so she knew it was time to let go of the double-storey family home. Suffering from some knee complaints the stairs were becoming an obstacle for her as well. She chose to trust Martin Locke Homes with building her 'forever after' home and says she couldn't be happier with the result.

Q: Was building your new home stressful?

A: I had no problems at all. My daughter Renee did help me with a lot of the running around and selections with Anna from Ethos Interiors. Anna helped right from the start. I knew I just wanted this tropical oasis type feeling and she just brought it together for me.  

We had to change a few choices due to COVID but really everything went very smoothly. We had about three meetings with the design and everything was just so easy. 

Q: How would you describe the finished product?

A: It's just great. It's a real entertainer's house and it's great for the grandkids. I've got my space, they've got their space. 

My daughter came home with her fiance and they just loved it! 

Q: What is your favourite feature in your new home?

A: I love everything but I guess, my room I really love. I love my walk in robe, I love the bathroom, I love the seat in the shower. 

I love that the kids have got their own area, I don't think they've ever even walked into my room which is so different to the old house.

Q: How has your new home positively impacted your lifestyle?

A: I look at the doors now when I walk into another house and I go ...'oh they're tiny' (laughs) even my hallways are super large. Everything's big. There's no second floor and everything's flat and easy to get around. 

I can get our in the yard, I can pull weeds - yeah, it's just perfect for me. Normally I'd just come home and sit in front of the TV whereas now I'm wanting to go outside, wanting to do things. 

Q: Why did you choose Martin Locke Homes to build your 'forever after' home?

A: Because I think he builds a quality home, he does. I've got no problems at all with anything that's been done here, they've gone over and beyond.

I love it. It's just the extra bits - even the door finishes. Everyone who walks through goes 'you can tell it's a great house'. 

That's what you've got to look at and I guess the younger ones look at the dollars, whereas I look at the quality finish.

Q: Are you proud of your new home?

A: Yeah, I love showing people around (laughs). Very proud. 


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