Display Homes

Martin Locke Homes has three beautiful display homes open for viewing..

Each showcases a different element of what MLH has to offer in a new home build, but all demonstrate our commitment to workmanship and the finest finish.

Click the below images to view details on each of our Display Homes.

Multigenerational LIving

'Family 310'
Elliot Springs

OPEN: Saturday & Sunday only 10am - 5pm

Opening hours will expand following the official opening of the Elliot Springs Display Village.

Signature Custom Home

'Isaac 303'
Harris Crossing

OPEN: Every day 10am - 5pm

The MLH office and administration is based at the Harris Crossing Display Home.

MLH Finish For Smaller Blocks

'Entourage 215'
North Shore

OPEN: Every Day. This weekend's opening times 11am - 4pm Saturday & Sunday

Opening hours can vary based on demand - follow us on social media for updates.