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The Mitchell 334

The ‘Mitchell 334’ with it’s distinctive ‘zones’ was a home uniquely designed to meet the individual needs of every family member, as well as an entertainer for family and friends. Whether it is quiet time alone for kids (or mum and dad), or family time in small groups or as a whole, the Mitchell 334 with its subtle and soothing Japanese touches throughout will cater to every occasion or moo

It is also Queensland’s first ever, ‘Accessible Living’ display home, with features such as ‘no steps’ from the street to inside and throughout main living, wider hallways and doors, and future proofing bathrooms and toilets with reinforced walls for future grab rails and hand rails. These features are almost unnoticeable to people without needs, but with an aging population and more care and consideration given to people with needs, homes with design features like these will make sure you home stands the test of time, and above the rest. 

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