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Family to Find Peace-of-Mind in Multigenerational Home

9 October 2019

peter & leanne's new multigenerational home

when good design brings peace-of-mind

Peter and Leanne had been living on a property out of town which they shared with Leanne's parents - each couple living in a separate home. 

But when illness struck and the property became difficult to manage they all decided to downsize and move closer to town.

They say finding an adequate existing property was almost impossible and the renovation costs to upgrade to the home they needed were going to be too great. 

Then they walked in to the Martin Locke Homes Family 310 and found the Multigenerational concept perfect for their situation.


leanne & Peter's multigenerational home design

Two Homes Under One Roof - each with their own exclusive entry points, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas and living areas - all connected by a shared, lockable laundry.

Positioned on a corner block - there are two separate driveways and each couples will have their own covered care spaces.

The home includes the MLH inclusive design features:

  • no steps into and throughout the home
  • the signature MLH rebated alfresco door for step-free transition to and from the patio
  • wider halls and doors
  • large step-free showers with additional noggins built in to the walls in case grab rails will be required in the future. 

what is multigenerational design?




1. Why have you decided to build a new home?

We were living on Leanne's parents' property in two separate homes but they are getting older and really needed to be with us. So we decided to make a move and it was either going to be to a home with a granny flat at the back or something attached. 

We looked all around the Townsville City area looking for something suitable that we could possibly expand on to make it suit us but it was becoming quite a task. Then Leanne discovered the MLH Family 310 and we came to Elliot Springs to have a look and that planted the seed for what will be our brand new home.

It was our initial concern that we wouldn't be able to afford a multigenerational home but it's turned out to be within our budget and even better value than it would have been to renovate an existing property.

2. Why did the MLH Family 310 Multigenerational design appeal to your family?

Having two homes under the same roof really appeals to us because we do want to be as close as possible to Leanne's Mum and Dad in case they need us but we also want our own privacy and also for them to maintain their independence. 

The Family 310 showed us how that can be achieved and we have adapted the design to suit exactly what we need and want in our new home.

The accessible features were also a big part of our decision to build.

Leanne's Mum is prone to falls and when we took her to the Family 310 Display Home she was excited and amazed that there were not steps at all and at how easy it was to move around the home. 

Like the Family 310 our home will have no steps into and throughout the home including the bathrooms and wider hallways which will be much appreciated, particularly if we ever need walking aids or wheelchairs in the future. 

3. Do you think more people will start to choose Multigenerational Home Design?

I think it's going to become the way of life given how housing is going. We look to be going back to the concept where our house will be our childrens' house and our older parents and grown children may even live together in the same home.

I hate to think about it, but if my parents move on and my children have a family - it may be reversed - Peter and I may move in to the multigenerational area and then the kids can utilise the larger space. There are certainly plenty of options with this design.

4. Why did you choose to build at Elliot Springs?

It's the best of both worlds for us - Peter likes to be out of town where as I like to be closer to the City.

We like how Elliot Springs is set out and it's only really ten minutes from Townsville City. We have lovely mountain views and natural surrounds but we are also close to shops and parks which is great for when our grand children will come to visit. 

5. How do you think your new home will change your lives?

Life will be a lot calmer. Because Mum & Dad are older it will definitely give us peace-of-mind that they are only a door away, knowing that we are not even a phone call away. 

It'll also give all of us back our independence and a bit of privacy and separation. We have all been renting and living in the same home for the past year so it will be nice for all of us to feel like we have our own space again.

6. Would you recommend Martin Locke Homes to others?

Most definitely. The whole MLH team has just been outstanding, they've done so much for us and gone above and beyond.

It just feels right, we are very comfortable and feel very secure in our choice.

We've also been able to deal directly with Martin himself right from the beginning and he has been wonderful.


Muligenerational Family 310 Display Home

Our Family 310 Display Home is located at Lendlease Elliot Springs display village.

Opening Hours:

10am - 5pm Friday to Tuesday (closed Wednesday & Thursday)



don & eva's multigenerational home story

Don and Eva Brunckhorst are a living example of how the multigenerational concept can work for Townsville families.

They were a step ahead of the Multi-Gen trend, their MLH home was completed in 2015 and was strategically designed to include two separate living zones to cater for their growing and changing family.

At the time of the build Don and Eva planned to live in the larger space while their adult son would utilise the smaller living space. 

The shared laundry with the ability to lock-off the other side of the home, ensured both the parents and son could maintain their privacy and independence, while also interact and benefit from the shared living arrangement.



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