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Family & Flexibility key to David & Sharon's Builder Choice

31 July 2019


Excitement is building for David and Sharon as the construction start approaches. We met them at their block at Elliot Springs to talk about their new home journey so far and how they came to chose Martin Locke Homes as their Builder.

David & Sharon on their block at Elliot Springs


It's been a big year for David and Sharon Scott, the birth of their first son four and a half months ago and now building a brand new forever family home.

They took their time choosing a Builder in Townsville that would deliver all their dreams in one home. A home that would not only suit the lifestyle of their young family but also cater for the future needs of their ageing parents. 


Why have you decided to build a new home?

David: We decided to build because we have a newborn and the current house was a little bit too small.  We were also looking to the future of possibility of having to care of Sharon’s parents as they get older. 

It’s taken us a while to get to here, we’ve been back and forth looking for a while and we’ve ended up with Martin Locke Homes to build our dream home.

Why did you decide to build with MLH?

Sharon: Martin and his designs with accessible living, having everything all on one level and no steps was a really important factor for us, as this reduced the risk of not only my parents but our son tripping on edges.  The house comes standard with wider doorways which can accommodate wheelchairs and mobility aids if they were required in the future and we could also add things retrospectively like grab rails, so that was important to be able to do those things.  It allows us options in the future and puts our minds at ease if my parents are visiting or living in the home. 

David: When you go and look at display homes you look at all the bling and go 'Wow! I can build this!' But you’ve got to put all that aside and just look at that you can take out of the house, and just looking at Martin’s standards and the way he finishes his houses is just brilliant. Just everything from talking to Martin directly through to dealing with all of his team so far has been fantastic.

What is going to be your favourite area of the home?

Sharon: The kitchen and butler’s pantry – my previous kitchen was so small I was never able to use a lot of my appliances, with all this extra space I will now be able to have them out and do more baking and cook to my heart’s content. 

David: I’m looking forward to the theatre room and having a bar with it, so we're working towards that at the moment on the plan. And just having the openness and being able to enjoy it more as a family as well.

David & Sharon's new home design is based around our award-winning Isaac 303

Why are you calling this your dream home?

David: Our age (laughs) – we’re not going to be building again this is it – we’ll make this our dream home so what we’re doing in it and what we’re asking Martin to do is going to make it our home. That’s one great things about Martin Locke Homes, you get your plan and you can alter it to what you desire so it makes it YOUR house, and that’s one thing we’ve loved, working with Martin so far and changing a few things to how we want it.

Sharon: It really makes a house a home, because you can customise it to how it’s going to suit you and your lifestyle and how you want to live in it.

How do you think this home will change your lives?

David: Being able to have family and friends over, having room to entertain. In our old house – it wasn’t very big, it’s just going to be amazing for both of us to have all this room.

Why did you choose Elliot Springs?

David: The park. Ok it wasn’t just the park (laughs).

Sharon: Having a master plan, they’ve (Lendlease - Elliot Springs) got an idea that they’re going to have the shops, the schools and everything. That’s all been thought out. Whereas you go to some other estates in Townsville and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The other thing is, if you’re on the North side when you’re travelling to and from work, you’re always driving into the sun, so being on the South side we avoid the sun in the morning and in the afternoon. 

"The whole process has been really good and enjoyable and eye-opening at the same time and exciting because we know it’s ours and we just can’t wait to see the slab go down." David & Sharon Scott

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Martin Locke Home has a selection of exclusive lots on offer at Elliot Springs.

Including a large corner block with two-street access.

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