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Kate & Dave

When Kate and Dave decided to relocate to Townsville they were searching for the home that would suit their needs now and into the future and couldn't go past the quality, care and accessibility of a Custom Martin Locke Home and the large-block living in Eden Park Estate.

Why did you decide to build a new home?

We had relocated to Townsville (from Ingham) and had looked at buying an existing home, but worked out that after spending money on renovations, there would not have been too great a price difference between existing and building new.

We had previously built a larger home to accommodate our growing family, but as the kids have now left home, we were wanting to downsize. We were looking for a smaller house that was still comfortable to live in, with a bit of yard space that could fit a shed. We also thought about the "resale" value of a new home as opposed to buying a home that was already ten years old, if we ever decide to want to move to a retirement home in the future.

How did you come to the decision to choose Martin Locke Homes as your builder?

We visited many display homes and found Martin Locke's display homes had a lot of "quality" features that were in his standard range which included warranty backing. Quality and warranty backing was very important to us and should ensure our house and the fittings that have been installed, last the distance into the future. Also, the finish in Martin Locke Homes could not be faulted and Martin was able to tell us exactly what brands, products and models he uses when he builds a house and his reasoning for this.

Also as our home was a custom home, Martin was able to give us some great ideas to add to the design of the house which improved the aesthetics and the livability of the home.

How do you think your new home will impact your everyday lives?

We have peace of mind living in a quality home that is comfortable and suits our daily living needs. 

What have you found the most enjoyable about building with MLH?

Building with MLH was hassle-free. We enjoyed using the co-construct program which is a computer program that kept us updated on what was happening at the building site, reminded us of the selections that we had made or were due to make, as well as informed us on what was upcoming within the building process. Communicating and interacting with the MLH team was easy, stress free and very professional.

We found that there was always someone to answer any questions or give us friendly advice on building selections or decisions.

Did the standard MLH accessible design features impact your builder choice and how do you think they will impact your comfort level in your home?

The accessible living features which include wider hallways, doorways, no step entries, alfresco sliders and no step, larger showers were definitely a big influence on our decision. After moving into the home we have realised just how much more comfortable the accessible living features make the home. 

It will also be more accommodating for everyone visiting, including toddlers right through to elderly parents. 

Martin Locke Homes designs and builds every home to the principles of the Livable Housing Australia Guidelines.

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