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Kris & Fiona's first-last custom home

Kris and Fiona were being warned not to build by friends and family.

But after living in 30 homes in 30 years, struggling through renovations and still never really feeling at home, they decided to trust the team at Martin Locke Homes to build their dream home. And they say they wouldn't change a thing. 

Q: How would you describe your MLH build experience?

A: Everyone was telling us 'oh you don't want to build it's going to be a hassle' But we walked in to Martin Locke Homes, we met Martin and right from the get-go everything was just so easy. From the planning, the design with Nathan (The Design House NQ), choosing colours with Anne (The Coloured House) and with the MLH team Mark (Construction Manager) and Ross (Project Manager) just couldn't have been was almost too easy!

Q: Why did you choose Martin Locke Homes as your builder?

A: We loved Martin's Multigenerational house, we absolutely loved it. We have one of our boys living with us and he will always be living with us, so we wanted a home that would give us space and privacy but allow him to live with us all the time and this is what we came up with. 

Q: Why were the MLH accessible living design features important to you? 

A: We're in our fifties now, we've got grandkids who scoot around on bikes and toys so not having steps is great. We've just had Kris's parents up for a visit and he's disabled, he has one leg, so having his wheelie walker just scoot in and out and with the wider doors, step-free showers and the tiled seat in the showers it just means that everyone in the family can enjoy the home. 

Q: Will this be your forever home?

A: The only way they're going to get us out of here is in pine boxes (laughs). We've lived in 30 homes in 30 years and this is the first home we've actually felt - this is ours. Everything about it is us. 

Q: Would you recommend MLH to others?

A: Yes, most definitely. We wouldn't go anywhere else. MLH delivered what was promised. If our kids ever built we would want it to be with Martin Locke Homes. 

Q: Are you proud of your home?

A: Oh so proud, absolutely (tearing up). After having Martin and the team build the home for us, we are so proud of people coming in. It's actually....right posh coming in here (laughs). It's nice to come home and know that we've worded really hard and done it hard for years and this is it, this is's ours. Yeah, we couldn't be happier. 

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