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Meet the MLH Design Team

6 February 2019

Martin Locke Homes is a Townsville Builder that has built up our reputation for excellence through client satisfaction, workmanship and our focus on producing the finest results on every home we build.

As an MLH Client you will deal directly with our experienced and talented Design Team, which includes Managing Director and Builder Martin, from the very beginning of your new home journey to ensure the final result meets your hopes, dreams and needs.

Martin Locke
Managing Director / Builder

Col Richardson
Construction Manager / Qualified Builder / Designer

Nathan Huppatz
The Design House NQ Director / Designer

Our Preliminary Process

As a small team dedicated to producing the best possible result for our clients every time, you will deal directly with our Builder Martin, even before you have signed a construction contract.

Having the Builder involved from the 'design stage' ensures the 'build stage' is seamless and, we believe, produces the best outcomes for your home.

As our construction schedule is often booked out in advance, our preliminary process is key to allowing access and availability of Martin and our expert Design Team to those home builders who are serious about building with MLH.

Process Includes:

  • Client engages MLH in a Preliminary Agreement for a fee (dependent on the specific scale and requirements of your home)
  • The fee covers the time and expertise invested during this process however it is purely a cost recovery, THE FULL FEE WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR FIXED PRICE should you choose to proceed to 'build stage' with Martin Locke Homes.
  • You will work with the Design Team to finalise your new home design. Whether you have sketches you have worked on, or nothing at all, we have a process that is guaranteed* to ensure your Dream Home is personalised to YOUR needs and preferences.
  • Once the Floor and Elevations are finalised, we can then prepare the formal Presentation, which includes:
    • Fully detailed Floor, Elevation, Electrical, Floor Finish and External Plans,
    • We perform a site visit of your land, and provide a marked-up Site Plan, which allows us to ensure all site elements and neighbouring properties are considered
    • Full 3D and Elevation Custom Joinery Plans
    • Soil Test and Wind classification of your block of land
    • Detailed specifications, detailing every item line by line
    • Fixed Price Guarantee to build your home

If after the Presentation Stage, when you have received all the information needed to make an informed decision, along with a fixed price to build your home, for whatever reason you chose not to build your home with MLH, we will allow you to keep the plans and take elsewhere.  

*Guarantee: If at any stage during the Design Stage and prior to starting the Pricing Stage of your home, you are not happy with the design our Team have come up with or not satisfied with the service in any way, we will refund the full amount of the Preliminary Process, no questions asked.


To start your personalised custom quote process and organise a meeting with MLH Managing Director and Builder Martin, the following information is required.

Where is your land (eg. estate, suburb)
Lot no.
Pre-approved budget for new home build (not including land)
Time frame - when do you want to start building
Preferred contact phone or email
Where did you hear about Martin Locke Homes
Any other comments, info or requirements (eg. no. of bedrooms, pool, wheelchair accessible)