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MLH 'Family 310' - a new era in family home design

The traditional 'family' is changing and it's vital that we adapt our housing options to suit a wider variety of family situations.

24 November 2018

The new Martin Locke Homes  (MLH) display home under construction at Elliot Springs promises to herald a new era in North Queensland multigenerational family home design.

Fittingly named the ‘Family 310’, it is designed to allow families at all stages of life to live together but still maintain their privacy and independence.  It boasts two separate ‘homes’ under the one roof, each with its own exclusive entry point, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas, living and patios, all connected by a shared, lockable laundry.

Built by MLH, North Queensland’s leader in inclusive housing design and construction, Director Martin Locke said the display home was truly a family home at heart.

“It’s designed to keep families together while also allowing them to ability to live independently and affording them the privacy to do that,” Mr Locke said.

“By using modern design concepts and building practices, it re-invents what is a long-held tradition of families living together longer in European cultures.

“We have taken accessible and inclusive housing features that we have been incorporating into our builds for many years and combined them to provide a home that can be adapted to suit modern North Queensland families,” he said.

“There are many benefits to sharing a home with family members including convenience, financial benefits and just having loved ones close by can be a blessing, but we also know it’s important to have the ability to live your own lives as well.”

In today’s modern world where young adults live at home longer or struggle to enter the housing market alone; or where grandparents care for their young grandchildren while both parents work; where older parents want to stay in their own home longer but require support; where a grown-up child living with an impairment wishes for some independence but needs to stay close to home or; you simply have that guest family member who won’t leave - the ‘Family 310’ offers a solution for every family’s living situation.

It will also be the first MLH display home to be designed and built to meet the Gold Level of the Livable Housing Australia Guidelines (LHAG) with the three previous built to the Silver Level.

It includes private feature entry points to both living spaces, raised ceilings, wide doorways and halls, no-steps on entry and throughout the home, large step-free bathrooms and showers, separate alfresco areas, and a spacious and safe living open plan design.

Steve Jenkosky from Golden Age Advisory said providing suitable options for seniors to live at home independently but still have access to family support would help many North Queenslanders in their golden years.

“Maintaining independence is so important to our older residents, they have worked hard and contributed to society and deserve suitable housing options as they grow older, but they understand they may also need help from time-to-time and the MLH Family design concept ticks the boxes,” he said.

Lendlease Regional Development Manager for Elliot Springs, Simon Walker said the concept had synergies with the overall vision for the Elliot Springs community.

Elliot Springs has been planned and designed to become a family-oriented, inclusive community including accessible parks and amenities to suit all families’ wants and needs, so it’s fantastic to feature such forward-thinking design and construction as part of our Display Village.”

The  MLH ‘Family 310’ is expected to be open to the public in February 2019.