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Monica & Darryl

Monica, Darryl and Jaydon are thrilled to be the first Burdekin clients to move in to an MLH home. After visiting the Martin Locke Homes Display home in Townsville and seeing what the MLH Custom Service had to offer – they knew who would build their dream home and couldn't be happier with the result.

How would you describe the MLH handover process?

Easy, everything’s just been easy. There’s been no issues, so the final result has been really great, very exciting.

Was there any issues with building in the Burdekin despite MLH being Townsville-based?

Definitely not, no. Especially when it first kicked-off the roof was on very quickly, the guys had Christmas off but it’s come along very quickly, I’ve talked to other people that are building homes and it was right up there with how quickly everything happened and then, obviously the result speaks for itself.

Monica, what is your favourite room in your home?

If I had to pick a room, of course it would be the ensuite, Love it! I just can’t wait to get in the bath.

What was your most memorable moment during the build process?

It’s probably the slab, only because when I first looked at it I was freaking out that it was so small and then you see everything come together and you realise that it’s bigger, and because we designed it ourselves it’s great to see what we put on paper come to fruition.

How would you describe working with the MLH team?

They were always very accessible and prompt, you can definitely not fault how easy they were to work with and the Co-Construct program… you were able to log in and see progress and message, so that was really easy too.  You had peace of mind basically.

Would you recommend others build with MLH?

We already have! Definitely, yes.


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