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Nigel & Tania

How does it feel to be living in your new Martin Locke Home?

It's still surreal, but we're in here but it still doesn't quite feel real. But it's amazing, it's awesome.

How would you describe the building experience with MLH?

Easy and enjoyable. Being able to [build] with Martin Locke [Homes] meant we got what we wanted and people listened to us. And that was the main thing, we got a home that we wanted not just because it was on a plan.

What difference has your new home made to your lives?

The layout is just perfect, it is exactly what we wanted. We are coming more together as a family, yes we've got out own areas but especially with the flow from here to the outside area we do quite often all seem to end up outside. So I think that's the big positive, yeah bringing the family together.

Would you recommend MLH to others?

Definitely! The whole process was fantastic, they just treated us like a big family, it was beautiful. We were not at all stressed, we were not worried about anything.

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