Client Testimonials

Sam Jackson

Sam's Story

After spending seven years 'swinging spanners' in the mining maintenance Industry Sam Jackson now not only has a new Martin Locke Home to call his own, but a new career within the MLH team.

Sam is now living and breathing our Entourage Series at work and at home.

Armed with his real-life experience of having built a Martin Locke Home, Sam says he cannot wait to help others to fulfill their hopes of building a home and to show other first home buyers the dream is achievable!

Why did you decide to build your first home?

To build a home for myself meant a lot to me. I built with the flexibility of not knowing what stage of life I will be at in 5 years time. I hope to have a family within the next few years, it means the world to me knowing that I have an incredible home to begin the journey.

Why did you choose Martin Locke Homes as your builder?

The inclusions of a Martin Locke home were miles above anything else I was offered. With other builders I found myself forking out more money for extras which I felt should already have been included in any new home. Features such as 2700mm ceilings, LED lighting, quality plumbing fixtures, livable sized bedrooms and garage etc.

This was a huge step to take on my own. Being my first home, I was very green in the process of buying, let alone building but I felt at ease with the MLH team and supported the entire way. I was never left in the dark and I appreciated the transparency. I felt that anything I had not considered or missed within the design and selection period would be taken care of, through the quality of the product and the finish that MLH prides themselves on.

Building on a single income was certainly a challenge, especially with great mates who love spending $$ on a beer or two at the Seaview. Although my home is testament that it can be done, anything is possible if you want it enough.

What was the most memorable part of the build process?

It's got to be the slab stage beer and BBQ!

What would you say to other first home buyers looking to get into the new home market?

Building your first home with MLH is a no-brainer, having a team behind you with your best interest at heart gives you incredible confidence in the step that you're taking. To own a home boasting so many different qualities, opens up rental and resale opportunities in the future.

Having a tight budget of a single income and three dogs, I only entered the MLH display home as a speculator, given their huge reputation as a custom builder.

I was blown away with what my budget could achieve and the manner which we changed and rearranged things to suit. The energy that was invested into me and my design as a tight-arse client was second to none, it was an entirely different service to anywhere else I had been. Between the quality of my home, standard inclusions and extras, the silver accessibility standard and the ease and organisation of the design and build process, I could not be happier.

There is not a single thing I would change about my home. I pride myself on it, and it would not have been achievable without Martin Locke Homes.

How did you come to join the MLH team?

I worked big hours over the past few years and sacrificed some pretty big things including relationships and a very nice 8-cylinder Toyota to build my home. I was on the search for a more ‘lifestyle friendly’ and ‘fulfilling’  position once taking ownership.

Within 2 days of handover, Lockey offered me an air-conditioned position and I now have soft hands with no callouses.

I cannot wait to help other people to fulfill their own dreams of building a home, whatever their motive might be.

Shingani & Nonsi

When Shingani and Nonsi decided to build their first family home they couldn't look past Martin Locke Homes as their builder.  As a result they cannot be happier with their beautiful four-bedroom home with raked ceiling and starry sky theatre.  This is what they had to say about their experience:

Are you 100% Satisfied with your home?

100% Satisfied & Happy

Please tell us why you chose to build with MLH?

We heard good reports about Martin Locke Homes from previous clients and suppliers. What MLH call standard is an upgrade with other builders and suppliers. We loved your finish (which we saw in your display homes) Perfect Finish, Built for Life and Guaranteed.

What was your most memorable experience of your build with MLH?

The handover of the finished product...WOW! It was more than we imagined.

Would you refer a friend of relative to MLH?

Definitely, we will refer friends and relatives.

Would you build with MLH again?

MLH is our Builder for life.

Melinda & Khali

Melinda & Khali set out to find a builder to entrust with the construction of their first newly-built home.  A family member suggested Martin Locke Homes and the rest, so they say, is history. Here is their build story.

Are you 100% satisfied with your new home?

No, I'm 200% satisfied.


My brother, Todd, suggested Martin Locke Homes and from the minute I looked on the website I know this is who I was going to build with. 

The first meeting with Martin was fantastic and the whole process from there has been hassle free.  The complete team at Martin Locke Homes are wonderful.  They each had their individual role to play in building our home and there was never a problem with any one of them. I was even called when the pool was about to be started to make sure it was how I wanted it and then watched as they dug the hole.

I made the colour choices at the start but was still invited to a meeting to check the tile colours/type before they went in.  Nothing was too much for this awesome team and they went over and above where Khali and I have been concerned and for that we are very grateful and thankful.

We are super excited to be  living in our new Martin Locke Home and continuing our friendship with the team.

Which part of the build did you least enjoy?

None. It was all fantastic.

Would you refer a friend or relative to MLH?

I most certainly would, without hesitation.

Would you build with MLH again?

Oh yes I would, actually....are there other builders in Townsville...??

Nasir and Maria

Nasir, Maria and their daughter Minahil were thrilled to move into their first brand new home. After their experience building with Martin Locke Homes they say they are 'clients for life'.


There is no doubt that choosing the right builder is a critical decision that home owners must consider. We did our research and only came across terrible stories where home owners were regretting their choice of builder. We didn't expect much success for ourselves, especially given that we hadn't built before.

 Our experience with MLH has been nothing less than exceptional. From the initial design right down to the execution and handover, every promise was kept, and our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. The MLH team was not only professional throughout, but highly accessible and responsive to our requirements. Moreover, we received expert advice on our colour board and the house floor plan itself, and are very grateful to the MLH team for educating us on some key concepts. Without their advice and guidance, we would have royally messed up our house with some of our 'not so brilliant' ideas! Thank you, team MLH!

We are proud owners of a quality Martin Locke home, and consider ourselves MLH clients for life. There is no other builder that we would consider, ever!

Why did you decide to build with Martin Locke Homes?

Our initial meeting with Martin at the North Shore display village sealed it for us. Though the meet up was not a scheduled one and lasted only a few minutes, we were convinced that we were speaking with a builder of absolute integrity and quality. This is not to suggest that other builders did not achieve the same, but there was certainly a more powerful interaction when we met with Martin. It was obvious that Martin and his team were more interested in what we wanted to achieve in our home, and were not attempting a 'hard sell' by telling us about their past achievements in any way or form. It was clear that the short meeting was all about us. It was different (someone wanted to listen to us for a change!), and felt absolutely right!

We later did some research and found that people only had good things to say about MLH. But this was only afterwards when we had already made our decision to proceed.

What was your most memorable experience during your build with Martin Locke Homes?

There are two actually.

The first would be the slab phase. We can never forget standing in the shower area and asking ourselves, "wow... its small!!". Though not exactly a 'memorable' thing, it is funny and we can't seem to shake it off. 

The second, and most significant memory, would have to be the handover. The home looked stunning, it was better than what we had ever expected, and we had an opportunity to thank Martin and the team. And yes, the shower areas were perfect in size!

Which part of the process did you least enjoy?

There was none. The process was brilliant, and I can't compliment it enough.

Richard & Debbie

Richard and Debra made a decision to relocate their lives from Ingham to Townsville after living there for more than twenty years. They entrusted Martin Locke Homes to build their new dream home, here are some words from them after moving in.

Why did you decide to build with Martin Locke Homes?

 We walked through several display homes (a lot of display homes!!) and Martin's home just really stood out from the pack. Initially we spoke to Shane (MLH Building Designer) at the North Shore display home,and he was so easy to talk to and answered all our questions with a lot of knowledge to back it up. Once we spoke to Martin, the decision was a foregone conclusion.

What was your most memorable experience during your build with Martin Locke Homes?

Working with Martin's team was great, they made everything so simple. The floor! (Looking at you Bek!) I thought that building was going to be a stressful experience, but it really wasn't and that is testament to the entire MLH team.

Can you suggest any improvements to the Martin Locke Homes process?

 Can't think of a thing!

Scott and Tracy

Scott and Tracy had built before, but now with two young children, they were ready to build their dream family home. Here is how they describe their experience building their beautiful Custom Home with the Martin Locke Homes team.

Why did you decide to build with Martin Locke Homes?

We had looked at and met with other builders before making our decision to choose Martin Locke Homes.  The reason we made the choice was that, from our first meeting with Martin and Shane, they seemed and are so professional at what they do and that goes for everyone that we have met and dealt with on Martin's team during the construction of our home.

What was your most memorable experience during your build with Martin Locke Homes?

Our most memorable experience is how quickly Shane and the Martin Locke Homes team to take our ideas and put them on paper and give us the house we have been dreaming of. The 3D Video presentation is another memorable moment.

Our experience building with Martin Locke Homes has been enjoyable and the support and professionalism of everybody is something they should all be proud of.

Can you suggest any improvements to the Martin Locke Homes process?

We cannot suggest any improvement on the building of the house. We are very happy with the way everything went during construction and the quality finish of our beautiful home. Thanks to everyone!!

Paul & Jo

Right from the initial meeting with Martin, we gelled with him. We appreciated his genuine personality and pleasant nature that we had no qualms in putting our faith in him and the entire wonderful team. We knew that the home we were looking to build was complex, but the process was made easy by the Martin Locke Homes team. The team was always there for us and happy to work around our busy schedule, with some meetings taking place outside of business hours. Nothing was ever too difficult and communication remained constant throughout the build which was really important. It actually felt like we had a personal friendship with Martin and the team, as we always felt like they wanted the very best for us. If we were to ever build again, we would be on Martin Locke Homes doorstep! The team listened and was patient with us to ensure every little detail we wanted in the home was included. We mentioned from the start that we weren’t in a rush to move in, and wanted to ensure time was taken to do everything perfectly. Everything has been done to perfection and being so diligent at their job, we moved in before the date stated on the contract! We would recommend anyone looking to build a new home to go and speak to Martin Locke Homes; whether you are a first home buyer or have built many times before, you cannot go wrong with the quality of the home and the peace of mind throughout construction. Our family and friends have been wowed with our new home and we look forward to sharing this beautiful home with them and creating many life memories. Everything has come together so well, we feel this was all really meant to be and we can’t help but think how lucky we are to have Martin from  Martin Locke Homes as our builder – thank you!

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Don & Eva

This was our first experience building a new home and we would do it all again tomorrow, but only with Martin Locke Homes. From the on-site foreman, to the team in the office and even the landscaper, everyone was a pleasure to deal with and nothing was ever a problem. It was great to watch the entire team work together. If anyone is looking to build their dream home, go and talk to the Martin Locke Homes team to see what they can do for you – you won’t be disappointed! We cannot thank them enough for our beautiful new home the entire family enjoys.

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Noel & Maureen

We are pleased to say that our home building experience with Martin Locke Homes was easy and stress-free. Martin and his wonderful staff were friendly and approachable and helped us in every aspect, from helping us to design our new home through to the finishing touches. We were impressed with the ‘Build Smart’ computer program, which brought the whole project together. During construction, all the contractors were noticeably of the highest standard and we were greatly assisted by Martin's Colour Consultant. We continue to be impressed with the professional finish throughout our home and we know we will happily live here for many years.

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Alan & Nicole

We would like to pass on our sincerest gratitude to Martin and his team for making our first ever build experience such a pleasure.

Martin’s professional attitude flows through to his entire team which helps to provide a seamless transition throughout every process of the build. From the design phase right through to the hand over, having access to our new home to observe & communicate openly any concerns was invaluable.

Martin’s eye for detail and outstanding quality assurance to present us with a perfect dream home will be a memory that will stay with us forever.

We would highly recommend the MLH experience to anyone who is wanting to create a unique dream home.

Jackie & Kent

From the day we walked into Martin's Display Home to enquire about building, to this current day, we have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with building with Martin Locke Homes (MLH).

Even after living in our home now since April, we are still experiencing Martin's attention to detail with his quality service by him checking in on how we're going with our home.

I would proudly say that we would build with MLH again. We would not even consider 'looking around' at others, because MLH is by far the only builder that takes so much pride in their builds, and truly make homes.

We can't thank you enough Martin. You built us a house, that transformed into a beautiful home. Thank you.

Karen & Scott

Martin Locke Homes has given us a beautiful new house.

That we will live in for many years to come. We are most impressed on Martin and his friendly team and the finished product of our new home.

Kim & Kyle

Thank you so much for building our perfect first home. We have loved working with the team and appreciate all the help and guidance along the way.

Brian & Lyn

Just a small token of our appreciation for all the care and attention you and your staff extended to us during the building of our lovely new home.

Your attention to detail has resulted in delivering us a beautiful home that we are proud to live in and show off to all our family and friends.

We hope you have many more years of building success in the future so more clients like us can enjoy living in a 'Martin Locke Home'

Garry & Ann

We are very happy with our home and pleased that we decided to build with Martin Locke Homes. Martin Locke and his team are professionals who have a strong customer focus.

The finish of our home is of outstanding quality. The time it took to build was within the time specified in the contract. Our dealings with Martin and his staff throughout the build process made it a stress free experience. Martin Locke is a person of integrity and his firm deserves its high reputation in the residential home market. We would have no hesitation in recommending Martin Locke Homes. 

Wayne & Margaret

After looking at so many display homes we were becoming very disillusioned and just about gave up on finding a builder who understood our needs and Martin Locke Homes ticked all the boxes.

We were driving around after looking at another display home and saw flags flying so went to have a look and as soon as we walked in we knew who would be building our home.

We have had so much trust and confidence in Martin, and his team, to build our beautiful home, built before time, and built with care and consideration to our needs that we will be proud to call it a 'Martin Locke Home'.

It has been an exciting and pleasurable experience.

Mark & Rebecca

Martins display home in Kalynda Chase was the last home we walked through during our search for a builder and we are glad we made the effort to go in. We were lucky enough to be greeted by Martin himself, getting to talk to the builder first doesn’t usually happen, so straight away we were impressed. The quality of his home was what stood out in our mind and after doing the comparisons we were confident that we would be building with Martin Locke Homes.

We were excited every step of the way during the construction stages and very keen to move in. This is the 4th time we have built so we’ve been through all the ups and downs of building and can honestly say this time around was stress free building with Martin Locke Homes. Martin and his team made it so enjoyable to build again and his attention to detail is impressive. We felt as if we were the only customers because of the how much attention we received from Martin and his team. The process from start to finish was professional and communication through emails and phone calls was always answered promptly.

There are so many features that we like about the design of our home. A few ideas taken from the display home in Kalynda Chase, such as our ‘art niche’ at the entry, it’s the first feature we see every time we come home and such a nice extra detail to have. The vanity in the toilet is always commented on by our guests, its roomy and is an added luxury to have. We also went with the amazing 5m sliding door which opens onto our patio and backyard, inviting the outdoors in and creating the NQ tropical feel that we had always wanted. We couldn’t be happier with our house we built with Martin Lockes Homes, we’ve finally got it right and achieved a home that we are absolutely happy with.

When I talked to people involved throughout the selection stages they would only have good things to say about Martin and his team. Our friends and family are always commending his work when they visit and even through the stages of building. Martin is committed and passionate about building you your dream home, I would definitely recommend building with Martin Locke Homes.


What features do you like best about your home design and why?

I love the open nature of my kitchen, dining and lounge area that then merges seamlessly to the large outside patio.  This living area with the high ceilings seems open, and breezy.

What did you enjoy most about dealing with Martin and his team during construction?

Working with Martin and his team was quite effortless.  I really felt as though Martin listened to what I wanted in my home, considered my budget and then was able to deliver to me ideas and plans that met my requirements.  I  never felt pressured or in the way.  Martin and the whole team have a real focus on customer service, and I always felt as though the client and their needs came first.    Martin explained the building process in a simple way for a novice such as myself, and was always willing to answer questions.  I feel as though Martin and his team really do go out of their way to help you get your dream home.

How did it make you feel visiting your new home at the different stages of construction?

It was really exciting to visit the house at different stages of construction.  Regular updates from Martin, and being able to meet him on site so he could explain what was happening was really excellent.  It was amazing seeing all of the different elements to the house being built, and having this explained clearly to me was a bonus!

What made you decide to have Martin Locke Homes build you home?

I met with  many builders before making my final decision.  I chose Martin Locke homes for a number of different reasons.  The main one was that I felt Martin really listened to what it was I wanted out of a home, and was able to adapt plans to suit me and the lifestyle I wanted to create.  I did not get this feeling from other builders. Martin’s plan, an adaptation of an Isaac plan, showed me that he listened to what was most important to me and he made sure those elements were included.  Martin was also able to develop a plan that met my budget and still create me a home that is really comfortable and suits me and my needs.    The other really key thing for me was that Martin Locke Homes did not engage in any really ‘hard sell pressure’ to sign with them.  Martin was open and approachable and clear about this.  The third key point was that the Martin Locke display home and its quality of finishes is what Martin promised with all of his homes. Being on a tight budget and seeing what my home could be like by seeing the display home and its quality finishes was a deal maker.

After visiting other display homes what made the Martin Locke display stand out?

The quality of finishes in the display home and the fact that they could be in my home, with my limited budget, was incredibly appealing.

Would you recommend Martin Locke Homes to your friends?

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Martin Locke Homes to friends.  Other people talk about the stress of building a new home.  At no point in the process with Martin and his team did I ever feel stressed but instead found that Martin and his team had a real feeling of ‘nothing was too much trouble’.  I am in a brand new beautiful home that reflects what I wanted.  I really can’t say enough about how wonderful Martin Locke and his team are. 

John & Kate

We walked into the display home and thought, "We can't afford this." When he told us the price of the display home we said, "Okay, so that's for the base model. How much more for the extras?"Martin said, "No, as you see it..." and we were blown away.

Martin's design (Kristy 254) was fantastic, it was an 85% solution for us… but we wanted an extra bedroom and then we played with small things like the bar instead of the study nook… we added a sliding door to the master bedroom so we could walk out onto the outdoor area.

We came out when night and discovered a wall was slightly overhanging the slab in the garage by 10mm… and we wondered what they were going to do about it… pack it out or something. A couple of days later we came out and there's the wall in line with the slab… we asked Martin, what did you do with the wall in the garage… and with a wry smile he said, "I'm annoyed you noticed but glad as well”… he explained what had happened and when he spotted it he made them tear down the wall and redo it… Martin said he could have packed it out and no one would notice it… but he’d know… so he made them pull down the wall and re brick it… and that just speaks everything about him. And that right there is the reason you want to build with a guy like that.

We'd build with him again tomorrow… Martin is an absolute professional and it flows through to the people he hires… they are brilliant to deal with and seem genuinely interested in what they do and they just look after you.

Our friends have just been blown away by the value for money and the quality of the build … and what's more we are a month early… and it's common for him... it's what he does…

We couldn't be any happier it's been phenomenal.

Sheen & Seena

Dear Martin Locke, thanks for constructing our dream home. We are delighted to invited you to our party this afternoon 6:30. You are welcomed to our house anytime even if we're not there. For the builders cool works.

The above is from a card sent to us from Anushka, the beautiful little daughter of Sheen and Seena.


As soon as I walked into the display home I immediately knew that this was the right design for our family!

I love the high ceilings and open plan in the lounge room and the huge patio. During the design process it became clear that a lot of thought had gone into the details of the house and now that I’ve moved in it’s those features that I appreciate on a daily basis.

The entire experience has been relatively stress free. It’s been wonderful to work with a builder who is intent on delivering the best quality product that he can. The entire team works to the same high standard, from Maree and Debbie in the office to Terry and the guys onsite. All are professional, friendly people who obviously take pride in doing an excellent job.

Martin kept me in the loop during the entire process so that I knew exactly what was going on at each stage. Every detail had to pass his eagle eye and anything that wasn’t finished off to his standards was fixed immediately. Once I came to see the house during construction and he had ripped out part of a wall and had it replastered because there was a slight imperfection - something I hadn’t even noticed.

This was the first time I’ve had a house built so I wanted to go with a local builder who would be there as my main contact throughout the entire process. From the very start Martin was very generous with his time - and this didn’t stop once the contract was signed. He was always available to answer questions and worked hard with me to come up with the best possible options.

I couldn’t be happier with my new home and I would recommend Martin Locke to anyone who is thinking of building. He goes out of his way to work with his clients to ensure their new home suits their needs. My home was delivered on time and in perfect condition. Since I’ve moved in I’ve not found any “problems” or elements that need to be fixed. Martin found ways to cut costs without cutting corners and I’m thrilled with my new home. The finished house has exceeded my expectations!

Brad & Nicole

Our experience with Martin Locke and his team has been nothing short of brilliant from start to finish.

Martin and his team always conducted themselves with such professionalism and passion for their work, and this made the entire building experience absolute pleasure.

We haven’t built before and heard some stories from friends and family about big ‘mass producing’ builders, which had us a bit nervous. But as soon as we started talking to Martin and looked through his display home, we could tell that his craftsmanship was a much higher quality.

During the building process any query we had would always be dealt with efficiently, and visiting the house during early progress reassured us and we knew for certain we’d picked the right builder.

Martin always went the extra mile for us from start to finish, he makes you feel like your house is the only one they’re working on!

We can’t thank Martin and his team enough for how brilliant they have all been, in particular Debbie and Maree in the office, those girls are stars!!! Tez, Pez, Tyler and the boys have all been just as brilliant.

We would highly recommend (and have done already numerous times) Martin Locke homes to anyone wanting to build in Townsville.

THANK-YOU so much for building our dream home!