Client Testimonials

Josh & Sam

Josh and Sam had worked extremely hard to achieve their goal of building their own home which they saw as the next important step together as a family.  They chose to entrust Martin Locke Homes to build it, and they say MLH's transparency was a big part of their decision. 

How did you come to the decision to choose Martin Locke Homes as your builder?

We chose Martin Locke based on their finished product standard that was on display at the Harris Crossing Display home as well as their transparency around build costs.

How do you think your new home will impact/enhance your everyday lives?

Our new home enhances our lives as there are spacious areas, such as the kitchen and living, as well as giving us more space that we previously didn’t have to enjoy our hobbies. 

What have you found the most enjoyable about building with MLH?

The most enjoyable part about building with MLH for us was being able to physically watch each step of the build process as we lived on the property for the duration of the build. Martin and his team encouraged us to contact them at any time if we ever had any questions. 

What features do you love about your new home and why?

The features we love most are our spacious walk in pantry, the ability to close off parts of the house and our ensuite.

Do you think the accessible living features MLH builds into its homes - eg. wider halls and doors, no step entry and alfresco sliders and no step, larger showers - will increase the level of comfort living in your home ?

We love the wider hallways, doors and showers. It definitely increases our level of comfort.

Will & Carole

Will & Carole always said their next move would be to acreage to provide their children with room to play and explore. They secured their dream block of land at Mount Margaret and were a step closer. But on the birth of their third boy they decided it was time to get serious about building their new home.

How did you come to decision to trust Martin Locke Homes as your Builder?

This wasn’t our first rodeo. Our current house of 9 years was a spec home from a local, budget building company. We learnt from this experience, now knowing what to look for in terms of quality planning, workmanship, and industry experience. We took our ideas for the new house to a couple of builders, letting them come back to us with their “spin” on our dream. It was through this process that it became clear Martin Locke and his team had vast experience and had put great thought into the project.

How has your new home positively impacted your everyday lives?

Less stress. From the time you pull into the garage, hang your bag on the hook, grab a drink from the fridge and head to the patio, you are home.

What features do you like about your home and why?

It fits like a glove.

It's uncanny really. You know when you first move into a new place, where you had the cookie jar in the last house isn’t where the cookie jar is now, and over time you 're-train' yourself on where it lives now?

Not this time… From the moment we moved in, it was like we had lived there for years. Everything had its place, it felt right the first time, and it all flowed and worked together. Martin, with his wealth of experience and attention to detail, went over the plans in great detail, visualising the build and adjusting to ensure that maximum flow was achieved, while delivering a solid construction.

What did you find most enjoyable about building with MLH?

This is a tough one…

I’m going to say the ongoing Communication. Martin Locke and his team are very experienced in the industry, and it shows.

The sales and admin team were very prompt and followed up with any questions or requests swiftly. We are not builders by any stretch, but we had ideas of what we wanted to achieve. Martin was able to give us options and solutions that not only satisfied our requirement, but also upheld the quality he expects in all his constructions.  Martin “owns” the build, and has a very high level of expectation from his chosen contractors, who are well aware and uphold the same quality in their workmanship.

Do you think the accessible living features MLH builds into its designs increase your level of comfort living in your home?

Absolutely. The house has impeccable flow end to end, and enhances the relaxed feel overall.

Luke & Nikki

Luke and Nikki Tinsley are first home buyers and when faced with the decision of which builder to trust to deliver the biggest investment of their lives to date, they couldn't go past Martin Locke Homes' high level of standard inclusions and forward-thinking accessible designs which would ensure they had a beautiful first home to live in and enjoy, while also future-proof their investment. 

Why did you decide to build a new home? 

Because we wanted to be able to personalise our 'Dream' home and we found that it was easy enough to do after walking through a couple of Martin Locke Homes display homes.

How did you come to the decision to choose Martin Locke Homes as your builder?

We went through a lot of display homes and Martin Locke Homes stood out the most and offered a lot of 'standard' building inclusions that we were after which made our decision that much easier. 

How do you think your new home will impact your everyday lives?

It's something we have worked hard for and we can see our personalities in the way we have designed and decorated our new home, knowing that it is your home when you walk through that front door is instantly a mood changer.

What did you find the most enjoyable about building with MLH?

The ease of communication with constant updates throughout the build made it stress free. Martin has a great team behind him so we knew we were in good hands.

MLH builds accessible living features into its homes. Did this help your decision to build with MLH and do you think it will increase the level of comfort living in your home?

Yes, this did help our decision, amongst other things and we believe these living features will open up the market if we decide to rent or sell in the future.

Nigel & Tania

How does it feel to be living in your new Martin Locke Home?

It's still surreal, but we're in here but it still doesn't quite feel real. But it's amazing, it's awesome.

How would you describe the building experience with MLH?

Easy and enjoyable. Being able to [build] with Martin Locke [Homes] meant we got what we wanted and people listened to us. And that was the main thing, we got a home that we wanted not just because it was on a plan.

What difference has your new home made to your lives?

The layout is just perfect, it is exactly what we wanted. We are coming more together as a family, yes we've got out own areas but especially with the flow from here to the outside area we do quite often all seem to end up outside. So I think that's the big positive, yeah bringing the family together.

Would you recommend MLH to others?

Definitely! The whole process was fantastic, they just treated us like a big family, it was beautiful. We were not at all stressed, we were not worried about anything.

Roslyn & Graham

Why did you decide/need to build a new home?

We were moving to Townsville and needed a home to suit our needs.

What made you choose MLH?

The helpfulness of the staff when we viewed the Display home, the fact that Martin Locke builds homes all the one level with no steps, we could make changes to the plans to suit our needs, Martin Locke is interested in people with special needs and tries to take that into account and the finishes on Martin Locke homes are of a good quality

What differences has your new home made to you and Graham?
Enormous difference.

Graham can access all areas of our home,  so he can be more independent. (except the toilet in the ensuite). The house is much more comfortable with good air flow and air-conditioning throughout, our new home is much easier to maintain and the kitchen is well thoughtout making it convenient to use.

Would you recommend MLH to others?

We have already.

Michelle & Pete

What made you decide to build a new home?

Being a Defence family we’ve moved a reasonable amount over the years. Recently Pete was offered the opportunity for a long term contract in Townsville so given this is our home town we decided to put down some long term routes. Building our dream home was an important part of that process.

Why did you choose MLH as your builder?

The choice was simple. We’ve known Martin personally for over 10 years and know that he puts so much energy and passion into anything he does. It’s also abundantly clear that he is personally invested in ensuring his clients achieve their dreams. Martin’s integrity and continuing drive for perfection also left us in no doubt as to his commitment to our dream. Finally the Martin Locke Homes reputation is second to none. The staff all demonstrate the same passion and commitment that is inherent in all things Martin does so the choice was easy.

In a few words how would you describe the experience as an MLH Client?

Exciting, fulfilling and rewarding.

Are you happy with the final result?

Absolutely. This is the second home we’ve built and whilst our first home was very nice there’s been a definite ‘step up' in terms of quality and finish with our Martin Locke home. We’ve had countless people visit and comment on how beautiful it is. In fact on numerous occasions we’ve been asked who built our home. When we responded with ‘Martin Locke Homes’ the reply was ‘I thought so’. Martin Locke Homes reputation is clearly second to none. We couldn’t be happier with our dream home. 

Is there anything you believe makes MLH stand out from other builders?

Attention to detail, a drive to ensure maximum client satisfaction, concerted focus on a standard of excellence, integrity and passion.

Would you recommend MLH to others? And why?

Without hesitation. It’s clear that Martin and his team not only want to build good homes, they want to play a positive and lasting role in helping people achieve their dreams. No problem is too big to handle and the focus is always on achieving the clients hopes and dreams. Martin and his team are not only good at what they do, they are genuinely good people and that really matters.

Monica & Darryl

Monica, Darryl and Jaydon are thrilled to be the first Burdekin clients to move in to an MLH home. After visiting the Martin Locke Homes Display home in Townsville and seeing what the MLH Custom Service had to offer – they knew who would build their dream home and couldn't be happier with the result.

How would you describe the MLH handover process?

Easy, everything’s just been easy. There’s been no issues, so the final result has been really great, very exciting.

Was there any issues with building in the Burdekin despite MLH being Townsville-based?

Definitely not, no. Especially when it first kicked-off the roof was on very quickly, the guys had Christmas off but it’s come along very quickly, I’ve talked to other people that are building homes and it was right up there with how quickly everything happened and then, obviously the result speaks for itself.

Monica, what is your favourite room in your home?

If I had to pick a room, of course it would be the ensuite, Love it! I just can’t wait to get in the bath.

What was your most memorable moment during the build process?

It’s probably the slab, only because when I first looked at it I was freaking out that it was so small and then you see everything come together and you realise that it’s bigger, and because we designed it ourselves it’s great to see what we put on paper come to fruition.

How would you describe working with the MLH team?

They were always very accessible and prompt, you can definitely not fault how easy they were to work with and the Co-Construct program… you were able to log in and see progress and message, so that was really easy too.  You had peace of mind basically.

Would you recommend others build with MLH?

We already have! Definitely, yes.


Walter & Trish

Why did you decide to build a new home with MLH?

We felt the need to downsize our home. We knew the quality of MLH and could not find a better local builder with a better product.

Are you 100% happy with your new home?


We’re overwhelmed and very happy with Martin Locke Homes, their subcontractors and everyone associated with building our home.

Would you describe the building process as stressful?

Only a tiny part of it was, choosing the colours but the rest of it was easy. It was very well organised, we found everything was very much sorted as far as how to create what we wanted and what would work and wouldn’t work. All the hard work was done.

Did you find the Entourage Series colourboards helpful?

Yes, the colour co-ordinations were easier to choose and The Coloured House provided good support to the MLH staff.

How do you feel about the final result?

It’s beautiful.

Would you recommend others to build with Martin Locke Homes?

Absolutely, definitely. All I can say is, if they wish to look around as much as possible and then look at Martin Locke Homes and make the comparison for themselves.

Shaun & Bobbie

Shaun and Bobbie decided it was time to establish a family for themselves and their children. When choosing their builder they couldn't look past Martin Locke Homes' reputation and track record for building the highest quality custom homes. 

Are you 100% satisfied with your home?


In a few words, how would you describe the experience building with Martin Locke Homes?

Professional and accommodating. Martin and the team were fantastic to build with.

What was the most memorable experience of your MLH build?

Definitely seeing the final result and receiving the keys to our dream home, however the entire experience was great!

Had you built before? and if so how did the MLH experience compare?

Yes, we had built twice before and MLH definitely took the pain out of building.

Would you recommend friends and relatives to build with Martin Locke Homes?

Yes. We would highly recommend MLH and would definitely  build with them again in the future!

MLH staff go above and beyond to ensure your dream home becomes a reality!

Shingani & Nonsi

When Shingani and Nonsi decided to build their first family home they couldn't look past Martin Locke Homes as their builder.  As a result they cannot be happier with their beautiful four-bedroom home with raked ceiling and starry sky theatre.  This is what they had to say about their experience:

Are you 100% Satisfied with your home?

100% Satisfied & Happy

Please tell us why you chose to build with MLH?

We heard good reports about Martin Locke Homes from previous clients and suppliers. What MLH call standard is an upgrade with other builders and suppliers. We loved your finish (which we saw in your display homes) Perfect Finish, Built for Life and Guaranteed.

What was your most memorable experience of your build with MLH?

The handover of the finished product...WOW! It was more than we imagined.

Would you refer a friend of relative to MLH?

Definitely, we will refer friends and relatives.

Would you build with MLH again?

MLH is our Builder for life.

Melinda & Khali

Melinda & Khali set out to find a builder to entrust with the construction of their first newly-built home.  A family member suggested Martin Locke Homes and the rest, so they say, is history. Here is their build story.

Are you 100% satisfied with your new home?

No, I'm 200% satisfied.


My brother, Todd, suggested Martin Locke Homes and from the minute I looked on the website I know this is who I was going to build with. 

The first meeting with Martin was fantastic and the whole process from there has been hassle free.  The complete team at Martin Locke Homes are wonderful.  They each had their individual role to play in building our home and there was never a problem with any one of them. I was even called when the pool was about to be started to make sure it was how I wanted it and then watched as they dug the hole.

I made the colour choices at the start but was still invited to a meeting to check the tile colours/type before they went in.  Nothing was too much for this awesome team and they went over and above where Khali and I have been concerned and for that we are very grateful and thankful.

We are super excited to be  living in our new Martin Locke Home and continuing our friendship with the team.

Which part of the build did you least enjoy?

None. It was all fantastic.

Would you refer a friend or relative to MLH?

I most certainly would, without hesitation.

Would you build with MLH again?

Oh yes I would, actually....are there other builders in Townsville...??

Nasir and Maria

Nasir, Maria and their daughter Minahil were thrilled to move into their first brand new home. After their experience building with Martin Locke Homes they say they are 'clients for life'.


There is no doubt that choosing the right builder is a critical decision that home owners must consider. We did our research and only came across terrible stories where home owners were regretting their choice of builder. We didn't expect much success for ourselves, especially given that we hadn't built before.

 Our experience with MLH has been nothing less than exceptional. From the initial design right down to the execution and handover, every promise was kept, and our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. The MLH team was not only professional throughout, but highly accessible and responsive to our requirements. Moreover, we received expert advice on our colour board and the house floor plan itself, and are very grateful to the MLH team for educating us on some key concepts. Without their advice and guidance, we would have royally messed up our house with some of our 'not so brilliant' ideas! Thank you, team MLH!

We are proud owners of a quality Martin Locke home, and consider ourselves MLH clients for life. There is no other builder that we would consider, ever!

Why did you decide to build with Martin Locke Homes?

Our initial meeting with Martin at the North Shore display village sealed it for us. Though the meet up was not a scheduled one and lasted only a few minutes, we were convinced that we were speaking with a builder of absolute integrity and quality. This is not to suggest that other builders did not achieve the same, but there was certainly a more powerful interaction when we met with Martin. It was obvious that Martin and his team were more interested in what we wanted to achieve in our home, and were not attempting a 'hard sell' by telling us about their past achievements in any way or form. It was clear that the short meeting was all about us. It was different (someone wanted to listen to us for a change!), and felt absolutely right!

We later did some research and found that people only had good things to say about MLH. But this was only afterwards when we had already made our decision to proceed.

What was your most memorable experience during your build with Martin Locke Homes?

There are two actually.

The first would be the slab phase. We can never forget standing in the shower area and asking ourselves, "wow... its small!!". Though not exactly a 'memorable' thing, it is funny and we can't seem to shake it off. 

The second, and most significant memory, would have to be the handover. The home looked stunning, it was better than what we had ever expected, and we had an opportunity to thank Martin and the team. And yes, the shower areas were perfect in size!

Which part of the process did you least enjoy?

There was none. The process was brilliant, and I can't compliment it enough.

Richard & Debbie

Richard and Debra made a decision to relocate their lives from Ingham to Townsville after living there for more than twenty years. They entrusted Martin Locke Homes to build their new dream home, here are some words from them after moving in.

Why did you decide to build with Martin Locke Homes?

 We walked through several display homes (a lot of display homes!!) and Martin's home just really stood out from the pack. Initially we spoke to Shane (MLH Building Designer) at the North Shore display home,and he was so easy to talk to and answered all our questions with a lot of knowledge to back it up. Once we spoke to Martin, the decision was a foregone conclusion.

What was your most memorable experience during your build with Martin Locke Homes?

Working with Martin's team was great, they made everything so simple. The floor! (Looking at you Bek!) I thought that building was going to be a stressful experience, but it really wasn't and that is testament to the entire MLH team.

Can you suggest any improvements to the Martin Locke Homes process?

 Can't think of a thing!

Scott and Tracy

Scott and Tracy had built before, but now with two young children, they were ready to build their dream family home. Here is how they describe their experience building their beautiful Custom Home with the Martin Locke Homes team.

Why did you decide to build with Martin Locke Homes?

We had looked at and met with other builders before making our decision to choose Martin Locke Homes.  The reason we made the choice was that, from our first meeting with Martin and Shane, they seemed and are so professional at what they do and that goes for everyone that we have met and dealt with on Martin's team during the construction of our home.

What was your most memorable experience during your build with Martin Locke Homes?

Our most memorable experience is how quickly Shane and the Martin Locke Homes team to take our ideas and put them on paper and give us the house we have been dreaming of. The 3D Video presentation is another memorable moment.

Our experience building with Martin Locke Homes has been enjoyable and the support and professionalism of everybody is something they should all be proud of.

Can you suggest any improvements to the Martin Locke Homes process?

We cannot suggest any improvement on the building of the house. We are very happy with the way everything went during construction and the quality finish of our beautiful home. Thanks to everyone!!

Paul & Jo

Right from the initial meeting with Martin, we gelled with him. We appreciated his genuine personality and pleasant nature that we had no qualms in putting our faith in him and the entire wonderful team. We knew that the home we were looking to build was complex, but the process was made easy by the Martin Locke Homes team. The team was always there for us and happy to work around our busy schedule, with some meetings taking place outside of business hours. Nothing was ever too difficult and communication remained constant throughout the build which was really important. It actually felt like we had a personal friendship with Martin and the team, as we always felt like they wanted the very best for us. If we were to ever build again, we would be on Martin Locke Homes doorstep! The team listened and was patient with us to ensure every little detail we wanted in the home was included. We mentioned from the start that we weren’t in a rush to move in, and wanted to ensure time was taken to do everything perfectly. Everything has been done to perfection and being so diligent at their job, we moved in before the date stated on the contract! We would recommend anyone looking to build a new home to go and speak to Martin Locke Homes; whether you are a first home buyer or have built many times before, you cannot go wrong with the quality of the home and the peace of mind throughout construction. Our family and friends have been wowed with our new home and we look forward to sharing this beautiful home with them and creating many life memories. Everything has come together so well, we feel this was all really meant to be and we can’t help but think how lucky we are to have Martin from  Martin Locke Homes as our builder – thank you!

Richard & Lia

Richard and Lia had been looking to buy a home for a while and even attended a number of open homes over twelve months but never found anything they were 100% happy with. Every home they considered buying would have involved additional work and renovations to get it just right so building new became more appealing. They found their perfect larger block at Eden Park Estate and chose Martin Locke Homes to build their custom home.

Why did you choose Martin Locke Homes as your builder?

We were very impressed with how our questions were answered after we had been through the display home at Harris Crossing, and appreciated that we weren’t pushed into sitting down or committing to anything right away. As we did more research we also heard a lot of great feedback about MLH from previous clients, as well as trades that have worked with MLH.

How do you think you new home will impact your every day lives?

Well for starters, we live in a different city now! The design of the house has given me a dedicated office space while I work from home, but also provides the possibility for us to use the space in other ways if we decide to have kids which is good. We were able to splash out on areas that were important and trim back other areas to keep the house within our budget. A great example is the bigger outdoor area, as this is where we like to spend our time and we weren’t really able to entertain outside at our last home.

What features do you like about your home and why?

I am very happy with the colour scheme we chose; it is hard to imagine it all when looking at the samples, but it’s all come together really nicely. The higher ceilings in the main living area of the home have also come together beautifully and is the first thing everyone comments on when they walk in!

What have you found the most enjoyable about building with MLH?

The process was very easy. A lot of people told us how stressful they found building, but that certainly hasn’t been the case for us. Based on the experiences of others I was waiting for “the other shoe to drop” and for us to run into issues, or have a stressful period in the build, but it never really happened. (Despite us living down in Mackay).

Do you think the accessible/inclusive living features MLH incorporates into its designs will increase your level of comfort living in your home?

This was a big part of our decision; not only from a resale perspective given Australia’s ageing population, but also the spacious feel a lot of these features gave the home.