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Nasir and Maria

Nasir, Maria and their daughter Minahil were thrilled to move into their first brand new home. After their experience building with Martin Locke Homes they say they are 'clients for life'.


There is no doubt that choosing the right builder is a critical decision that home owners must consider. We did our research and only came across terrible stories where home owners were regretting their choice of builder. We didn't expect much success for ourselves, especially given that we hadn't built before.

 Our experience with MLH has been nothing less than exceptional. From the initial design right down to the execution and handover, every promise was kept, and our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. The MLH team was not only professional throughout, but highly accessible and responsive to our requirements. Moreover, we received expert advice on our colour board and the house floor plan itself, and are very grateful to the MLH team for educating us on some key concepts. Without their advice and guidance, we would have royally messed up our house with some of our 'not so brilliant' ideas! Thank you, team MLH!

We are proud owners of a quality Martin Locke home, and consider ourselves MLH clients for life. There is no other builder that we would consider, ever!

Why did you decide to build with Martin Locke Homes?

Our initial meeting with Martin at the North Shore display village sealed it for us. Though the meet up was not a scheduled one and lasted only a few minutes, we were convinced that we were speaking with a builder of absolute integrity and quality. This is not to suggest that other builders did not achieve the same, but there was certainly a more powerful interaction when we met with Martin. It was obvious that Martin and his team were more interested in what we wanted to achieve in our home, and were not attempting a 'hard sell' by telling us about their past achievements in any way or form. It was clear that the short meeting was all about us. It was different (someone wanted to listen to us for a change!), and felt absolutely right!

We later did some research and found that people only had good things to say about MLH. But this was only afterwards when we had already made our decision to proceed.

What was your most memorable experience during your build with Martin Locke Homes?

There are two actually.

The first would be the slab phase. We can never forget standing in the shower area and asking ourselves, "wow... its small!!". Though not exactly a 'memorable' thing, it is funny and we can't seem to shake it off. 

The second, and most significant memory, would have to be the handover. The home looked stunning, it was better than what we had ever expected, and we had an opportunity to thank Martin and the team. And yes, the shower areas were perfect in size!

Which part of the process did you least enjoy?

There was none. The process was brilliant, and I can't compliment it enough.

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