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Scott and Tracy

Scott and Tracy had built before, but now with two young children, they were ready to build their dream family home. Here is how they describe their experience building their beautiful Custom Home with the Martin Locke Homes team.

Why did you decide to build with Martin Locke Homes?

We had looked at and met with other builders before making our decision to choose Martin Locke Homes.  The reason we made the choice was that, from our first meeting with Martin and Shane, they seemed and are so professional at what they do and that goes for everyone that we have met and dealt with on Martin's team during the construction of our home.

What was your most memorable experience during your build with Martin Locke Homes?

Our most memorable experience is how quickly Shane and the Martin Locke Homes team to take our ideas and put them on paper and give us the house we have been dreaming of. The 3D Video presentation is another memorable moment.

Our experience building with Martin Locke Homes has been enjoyable and the support and professionalism of everybody is something they should all be proud of.

Can you suggest any improvements to the Martin Locke Homes process?

We cannot suggest any improvement on the building of the house. We are very happy with the way everything went during construction and the quality finish of our beautiful home. Thanks to everyone!!

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