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Walter & Trish

Why did you decide to build a new home with MLH?

We felt the need to downsize our home. We knew the quality of MLH and could not find a better local builder with a better product.

Are you 100% happy with your new home?


We’re overwhelmed and very happy with Martin Locke Homes, their subcontractors and everyone associated with building our home.

Would you describe the building process as stressful?

Only a tiny part of it was, choosing the colours but the rest of it was easy. It was very well organised, we found everything was very much sorted as far as how to create what we wanted and what would work and wouldn’t work. All the hard work was done.

Did you find the Entourage Series colourboards helpful?

Yes, the colour co-ordinations were easier to choose and The Coloured House provided good support to the MLH staff.

How do you feel about the final result?

It’s beautiful.

Would you recommend others to build with Martin Locke Homes?

Absolutely, definitely. All I can say is, if they wish to look around as much as possible and then look at Martin Locke Homes and make the comparison for themselves.

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