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Roslyn & Graham

Why did you decide/need to build a new home?

We were moving to Townsville and needed a home to suit our needs.

What made you choose MLH?

The helpfulness of the staff when we viewed the Display home, the fact that Martin Locke builds homes all the one level with no steps, we could make changes to the plans to suit our needs, Martin Locke is interested in people with special needs and tries to take that into account and the finishes on Martin Locke homes are of a good quality

What differences has your new home made to you and Graham?
Enormous difference.

Graham can access all areas of our home,  so he can be more independent. (except the toilet in the ensuite). The house is much more comfortable with good air flow and air-conditioning throughout, our new home is much easier to maintain and the kitchen is well thoughtout making it convenient to use.

Would you recommend MLH to others?

We have already.

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