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Will & Carole

Will & Carole always said their next move would be to acreage to provide their children with room to play and explore. They secured their dream block of land at Mount Margaret and were a step closer. But on the birth of their third boy they decided it was time to get serious about building their new home.

How did you come to decision to trust Martin Locke Homes as your Builder?

This wasn’t our first rodeo. Our current house of 9 years was a spec home from a local, budget building company. We learnt from this experience, now knowing what to look for in terms of quality planning, workmanship, and industry experience. We took our ideas for the new house to a couple of builders, letting them come back to us with their “spin” on our dream. It was through this process that it became clear Martin Locke and his team had vast experience and had put great thought into the project.

How has your new home positively impacted your everyday lives?

Less stress. From the time you pull into the garage, hang your bag on the hook, grab a drink from the fridge and head to the patio, you are home.

What features do you like about your home and why?

It fits like a glove.

It's uncanny really. You know when you first move into a new place, where you had the cookie jar in the last house isn’t where the cookie jar is now, and over time you 're-train' yourself on where it lives now?

Not this time… From the moment we moved in, it was like we had lived there for years. Everything had its place, it felt right the first time, and it all flowed and worked together. Martin, with his wealth of experience and attention to detail, went over the plans in great detail, visualising the build and adjusting to ensure that maximum flow was achieved, while delivering a solid construction.

What did you find most enjoyable about building with MLH?

This is a tough one…

I’m going to say the ongoing Communication. Martin Locke and his team are very experienced in the industry, and it shows.

The sales and admin team were very prompt and followed up with any questions or requests swiftly. We are not builders by any stretch, but we had ideas of what we wanted to achieve. Martin was able to give us options and solutions that not only satisfied our requirement, but also upheld the quality he expects in all his constructions.  Martin “owns” the build, and has a very high level of expectation from his chosen contractors, who are well aware and uphold the same quality in their workmanship.

Do you think the accessible living features MLH builds into its designs increase your level of comfort living in your home?

Absolutely. The house has impeccable flow end to end, and enhances the relaxed feel overall.

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